Print two copies of the team’s ENYYSA Official Roster, from the league (CJSL, LIJSL, EHYSL etc.) from which the team is carded, for use as the Game Day Roster:

  1. Official Roster with Photos
  2. Official Roster without Photos: US Youth Soccer Passes (laminated) must be provided

When adding an additional age-appropriate player from within your club, who does not have a club pass (CP on roster), attach the player’s team roster (1 or 2) as above. Cross out any players not participating in the match. No passes required when providing a Photo Roster.

EDP League Cup North Atlantic is open to all EDP North Atlantic teams. Below form is for teams that are NOT participating in an EDP North Atlantic league, so that their club official may obtain permission to participate from their local league.

EDP League Cup-New York East Teams Permission to Participate

EDP League Cup-CT Teams Permission to Participate

Coach and/or manager of the team should have a completed form for each player available at soccer activities. DOWNLOAD USYSA MEDICAL WAIVER FORM

Submit this form to CJSL for the EDP North Atlantic League play ONLY:


For EDP North Atlantic league games, this form must be completed by the Coach, who was present when injury occurred, and submitted to the League that issued the player’s pass.


Referees ONLY: Complete this form within 48 hours of a canceled game in which referee fees are due. 

Referee Reimbursement Form

Home field coordinators may reference the listed table to assure the appropriate time is allotted for scheduled games.

Age GroupHours:MinutesMinutes
U9, U10, U111:2080
U12, U13, U141:3090
U15, U161:40100
U17, U191:50110