Registration, Rosters & Passes

Registration for the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 league is through the GotSport System.  Click Here to register.

Player passes will be issued through the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL), for players residing in NY, through your club’s GotSport account.

  • $26 per player

Coaches register through Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA)

  • There is no fee for coaches’ passes
  • There is a $15 risk management fee
  • Coach may be issued a pass for more than one club

Trainers register through Eastern New York Youth Soccer Associations (ENYYSA)

  • Fee is $125
  • Trainers must meet ENYYSA licensing requirements
  • Trainers may train for multiple clubs
  • Trainers may only hold a trainer’s pass, which may be used for multiple clubs
  • Trainers must be accompanied on the sidelines with someone holding a club coaching pass

No. A player is restricted to playing for only one club in EDP competitions.

Players from the same club may play on an age-eligible team within their club with the listed restrictions.

  • A player whose primary team is participating in the EDP National League conference cannot play on an EDP team, of the same event age, outside of the conference. 
  • A player whose primary team is participating in this EDP North Atlantic league is not permitted to play on a team that is more than ONE division lower than their primary team’s division level.
  • A player may play up within two years on any age-eligible team within the club.

Yes, players holding a pass from another ENYYSA league may be dual carded with CJSL

  • CJSL allows dual rostering/carding
  • If dual carded, the player is restricted to playing for ONE club across EDP competitions
  • If dual carded, the player must select one team as primary for ENYYSA State Cup play
  • All passes and rosters must be from the current seasonal year.
  • All players participating in a game must be listed on the ENYYSA league official roster.
  • Player’s names may NOT be handwritten on this roster.
  • Game day roster/passes must all be issued from a single league (ex: CJSL or EHYSL or LIJSL… ) and from the same club.

EDP League Cups North Atlantic (NYE) & CT

The League Cup North Atlantic is open to all EDP North Atlantic U9-U18/19 teams. The League Cup CT is open to all EDP CT teams. All other teams must receive permission to participate from their local league. 
The League Cup is a two-stage format; group stage followed by qualifying teams moving into a single elimination format. Each U9-U14 team plays three group stage games while each U15-U18/19 team plays two group stage games. The League Cup will have two levels of play (Gold & Silver), with winners advancing into single elimination rounds of play, culminating with final matches to be played in the spring. EDP League Cup Gold division finalists will qualify into the EDP League Cup Championship at no additional cost.
Yes. The per team entry fee is $395 for 9U-14U and $295 for 15U-18/19U.
Registration for the League Cup North Atlantic and League Cup CT is through the GotSport system. Teams may be separated by state; NYE or CT.  Click Here to register.