GCR Policy


Game Change Request (GCR) Policy

  • Teams must use GotSport chat to reach agreement prior to filing a GCR
  • Teams should allow up to 3 business days for the filed GCR to be processed after they have been agreed to by both teams in GotSport
  • All change requests must be sent through GotSport. If the system will not accept the GCR, you MUST contact the league at info@newyorkclubsoccer.com to handle the request.
  • All change requests within 7 days of a game must, in addition to GotSport, have an email sent to info@newyorkclubsoccer.com to ensure the change is seen and handled promptly.
  •  Any GCRs that go over 7 days without the other team agreeing or rejecting may be deleted.
  • The league does not monitor game chats. If something is agreed to in a chat, we will not know without an email or GCR.

Teams should communicate in the GotSport chat to reschedule games. Once a new date/time has been agreed, teams should follow the instructions below to update their schedules-

Team Management> Matches > Filter team & League > 3 dots (under status)> Scroll up > Request Change> Enter new details

  • The away team will see a pending request in their list of matches
  • The away team will have the option to AGREE or REFUSE
  • After one team submits the request, the other team MUST click “Agree” or “Reject” in the system. Otherwise, the league does not see it has been agreed upon.
  • If agreed, an NYCS/EDP representative will approve or deny. If approved, the schedule will be updated

Things to note-

*Teams should agree to details in the chat before officially requesting a change. 99% should then be approved 

* Away team must respond within 72 hours. Any pending requests will be deleted after that time.

Game Change Rules

  • Changes made once the schedule is locked may result in referee fees being due and any game date being changed within 7 days of the game WILL require referee fees to be paid.


Game Change Reasons

Acceptable reasons for the approval of GCRs are limited to religious holidays, loss of venue, and emergencies (which must be approved by NYCS).

Unacceptable reasons for Game Changes:

  1. Coaching Conflicts: All teams should have a minimum of 2 carded coaches assigned.
  2. Player Availability Issues: Teams may supplement their roster with players from other age-appropriate teams within their club.
  3. Conflicts with games from other leagues will not be accepted as a valid reason for a GCR.


NOTE: Team contact information for coaches and managers, if available, will be listed directly below the Match information. This information is also available on the public schedule information page for the division. ONLY coaches and managers with current, valid pass cards will be listed.

How to use the Team Chat Function with GotSport