NYCS League Fees

NOTE: All Player’s and Coaches’ Passes will be directly obtained from CJSL.

  • Per Player Fee through CJSL-$26 for the season (Carding/Insurance) paid and invoiced via Got Sport
  • Coach Carding Fee-No Charge
  • Risk Management Fee-$15 per application paid via PayPal

Alternatively, teams that already use passes from another ENY league may use those. A teams’ passes must all be from the same club, but may all be from one or multiple ENYYSA affiliations.

Deadline to submit any players/teams for verification and approvals in the CJSL/GotSport system is no later than 12:00pm on Thursdays. CJSL office hours are listed under the NYCS-EDP Carding Process.


Listed team registration fees for NYCS leagues may be paid by check or online.  These fees are non-refundable once alignments have been posted:

League Fees (Fall 2021-Spring 2022)

  • Fee: $800 2015:U7 – 2007:U15 Premier & Travel League
  • Fee: $750 2006:U16 – 2004/2003:U18/19 Premier & Travel League (mini-season late fall & spring 2022)
  • Fee: $350 2006:U16 – 2004/2003:U18/19 Premier & Travel League (mini-season late fall only)
  • Fee: $400 2014:U8 – 2007:U15 Premier & Travel League (spring 2022 only)
  • Fee: $425 2006:U16 – 2004/2003:U18/19 Premier & Travel League (spring 2022 only)

Cup Fees (2021-2022)

  • Fee: $395 2013:U9 – 2006:U15 League Cup
  • Fee: $275 2006:U16 – 2004/2003:U18/19 League Cup

  • League and League Cup Fees may be paid online through the GotSport account or by check

Please make checks payable to: NYCSL Inc. NY Club Soccer PO BOX 192 Syosset NY 11791