Referee Fees

SEASON: Fall 2023-Spring 2024
LAST UPDATED: August 2023

Birth YearAgeCompetition#RefereesCRARTotalEach Team’s Share
2015/2014/2013U9, U10, U11EDP North Atlantic Futures1$65$65$32.50
2012U12EDP North Atlantic Pre National League1$75$75$37.50
2011/2010U13, U14EDP North Atlantic League3$90$45$180$90
2009/20008U15, U16EDP North Atlantic League3$100$50$200$100
2007/2006-2005U17, U18-19EDP North Atlantic League3$110$55$220$110
2011/2010U13, U14USYS National League Conference Premier I & Premier II3$90$45$180$90
2009/20008U15, U16USYS National League Conference Premier I & Premier II3$100$50$200$100
2007/2006/2005U17, U18, U19USYS National League Conference Premier I & Premier II3$110$55$220$110
2015/2014/2013U9, U10, U11EDP League Cups: North Atlantic (NYE) & CT1$65$65$32.50
2012U12EDP League Cups: North Atlantic (NYE) & CT1$75$75$37.50
2011/2010U13, U14EDP League Cups: North Atlantic (NYE) & CT3$90$45$180$90
2009/20008U15, U16EDP League Cups: North Atlantic (NYE) & CT3$100$50$200$100
2007/2006-2005U17, U18-19EDP League Cups: North Atlantic (NYE) & CT3$110$55$220$110

Referee fees are to be split equally by both teams and paid to the referees prior to the start of the match. Teams are to ONLY pay referees who are present at the start of a match.

For games hosted in CT using the listed assignors*, the home team will be invoiced by the assignor as is customary in CT. The away team will provide their share (1/2 of the total fee) to the home team official instead of the referee.

  • Iannone
  • Mozzo
  • Referee Services CT


For games hosted in NY (all other assignors*), both teams will continue to provide their share (1/2 of the total fee) to the center referee.

*The assignor is listed in the host column for each match on the public schedule.