NYCS Registration Instructions



NYCS uses GotSport™ to manage its competitions. Clubs and teams will register for league competitions using the GotSport platform. 

You may reach out to should you require assistance in registering for competitions.



All players and coaches MUST have USYS cards. Clubs carding through CJSL click here for instructions. If you have any questions, please email

Clubs carding through leagues other than CJSL, should reach out to their local league.

NOTE: All Player’s and Coaches’ Passes that are obtained through CJSL:

  • Per Player Fee through CJSL-$29 for the season (Carding/Insurance) paid and invoiced via Got Sport for the 2024-2025 season.
  • Coach Carding Fee-No Charge
  • Risk Management Fee-$15 per application

Register team(s) to the carding event “CJSL/ENYYSA 2024-2024 EDP Official Roster and Cards”, selecting EDP Premier. Detailed instructions are outlined under CJSL/GotSport Information (2024-2025 coming soon).

Alternatively, teams that already use passes from another ENY league may use those. A teams’ passes must all be from the same club and from the same ENYYSA affiliation (CDYSL, CJSL, EHYSL, LIJSL, WYSL).

Deadline to submit any players/teams for verification and approvals in the CJSL/GotSport system is no later than 12:00pm on Thursdays. Starting July 1, 2024, submit Notification Form to CJSL to check and approve player pictures/proof of birth. CJSL office hours are listed under the CJSL/GotSport Information.